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Women Catalysts

How can we build an experience that empowers more women to achieve their personal and professional goals?

2.5 weeks | Group Project | Client Project


Project Overview

The challenge

Increase online engagement and membership conversion.

The Solution

To create a clear value proposition for membership.

My role

I worked with a team of three other designers. We all did a mix of research, wireframes and usability testing.

technical Constraints

The founders didn't have a technical team, so the website had to be designed so that it could be implemented using a Squarespace template.

Since all Squarespace templates are responsive across devices, we didn't create additional wireframes for mobile.




To find out why membership was low, we dug into the following research:

• Survey

• Interviews

• Observation

• Personas

• Usability Testing

• Card Sort

• Platform Comparative Analysis

• Heuristic Evaluation

Survey & interviews

15 participants surveyed, 4 participants interviewed

• 73% are not paying members

• The reason is because they don't see the ROI

"I value the events most and I'm not sure what comes out of the membership."

Me, using infinity mapping to synthesize results from the survey and interviews...with coffee of course. :)

heuristic analysis

Completed a heuristic analysis of the existing website, using a rating scale of 1-4, with 1 being a minor issue, and 4 being a major usability issue.

• Heuristic: Visibility of System status, rating: 3. No indication of active navigation, making it difficult to tell where you are in the website.

Heuristic: Consistency & Standards, rating: 4. The top navigation isn't consistent across the website. Depending on which page you click on, the navigation changes making it confusing for the user.

card sort & usability testing

6 unmoderated usability tests on existing website, 5 blind card sorts with existing navigation.

• Navigation needs to be kept consistent throughout the entire member experiences

• Users couldn't articulate the value of becoming a member

• Users couldn't tell the difference between in-person and online events.


User personas

Based off patterns of behavior found from the user interviews and survey, I created user personas.


The Design process


User Flow

Since the focus was on getting new members and encouraging existing members to interact more with the content, we needed two user flows:

- One user flow to allow non members come to website, see all the member benefits they'll get and sign up to become a member.

- A second user flow to allow existing members log in, go to their member dashboard, complete a workshop, then share their progress to Facebook.

Sketches - ideation

Although we knew we were constricted to our final design on Squarespace, I wanted to diverge during the ideation process in order to think of ideas that I might have otherwise discarded.


As a team, we all collaborated on all the wireframes, but each person held the final responsibility for one wireframe.

Home page: the biggest challenge was figuring out how to communicate specific member benefits while also providing event information for women who come to the website to get information on upcoming events.

Member Dashboard: The goal of the member dashboard was to show members their exclusive benefits and provide them with an easy way to access them.

View workshop: The challenge for viewing a workshop was figuring out how to layout workshop material inside a Squarespace template.

Usability Testing

After completing the wireframes, we set up an unmoderated usability test with 6 users.

We asked questions to make sure we addressed the core issues of

(a) users not knowing the benefits of becoming a member, and

(b) members not knowing what was included with their membership and how to access their membership content.



The client was very happy with the proposed redesign, and, as of a week later it appears she is starting to implement the changes in her website!