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Android App

Enabling people to quickly find information while on-the-go.

Ongoing Side Project | Released Beta on the Play Store

Project Overview


Knowledge workers in large companies spend an average of 8 hours a week searching for information. Those lost hours in productivity can add up to millions of dollars a year in large companies. 


Create a mobile and desktop app to allow employees to quickly find information from inside all their apps.


As the sole designer on the team, I worked with a full-stack developer who was in charge of the back-end development.


The Users


We started out thinking this was a consumer product, and created the mobile app targeted towards users who have a lot of information on their phone. 

As we continued with our user research we discovered that the people who really needed the product weren't consumers, but workers inside large enterprises.

In order to meet the needs of the enterprise users, we also created a web app that would work across devices.



Some early sketches...



Onboarding and connecting apps

The process to onboard a new user was challenging.

Initially, there was a 5 step onboarding process that included coachmarks and explained how the app worked.

However, users were e-mailing us, saying they couldn't figure out how to turn on the integrations to search inside their apps.

In order to test the onboarding process, we set up a funnel in Mixpanel to see how many users were actually completing all the walkthroughs. The data showed that only about 80% actually completed the walkthrough and were able to make their first search. 

I decided to remove all the coachmarks, and let users open up the search right away with an option that lets them connect their apps,

This approach was much more successful, now 100% of users that downloaded the app was now able to complete at least one search.

Also, we haven't received one e-mail since asking for directions on how to set up the integrations. 


We had to create a design language that would support a variety of different search results. 

Ordering the search results--At first we started out displaying the search results from bottom-to-top, making the most relevant search result easy to open with one hand. However, having search results ordered bottom-to-top was different then the behavior users expected and created confusion for new users. To help clarify on-boarding for new users we switched the order of the search results to a more standard top-to-bottom.


Visual Design

An early concept with colored backgrounds worked well, but only for a small number of search results. As we added more integrations it became apparent we needed a more flexible design.  



We released an early beta version of the mobile app, but haven't yet been able to refine the interface design because of limited resources.

In spite of the interface design not being complete, users still enjoy the experience and it has a 4.0 average rating on the Play Store.

It singlehandedly replaced three apps I love: Themer, Folder Organizer and Swypepad. I hate it, but I love it. There should be far more people downloading this beauty. And with every update it gets better. Well done, dev, well done. Tnx
— Julio, Play Store Review
Good app. Although still some work to be done with integration and adding more apps I this is the best app in its category. Keep doing great job.
— Victor, Play Store Review