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Easily clip and share YouTube videos, or combine the clips together into a mashup.

the problem

Clipping and sharing your own YouTube videos is easy, but what if you want to clip part of someone else's YouTube video? That's where the problem comes in, it's a multi-step process, often requiring the user to download the app, use some sort of video software in order to clip the part they want, and then upload it again to YouTube to share the part they want.

The first version of HashCut was designed as a responsive website, with native apps to be developed later. See more at 

My role

The technology was built on the back end, but design hadn't been developed, leaving users confused and not knowing how to use the product.

My role was to improve the UI/UX step by step, adhering to the brand guidelines already established. 

Create Hashcut

Creating a 'hashcut' consists of pasting a youtube link and then choosing how to clip the video.


The functionality worked, but users were confused how to use it. A few of the issues: the design was spread out so that the user had to scroll up and down to complete the steps...users didn't understand what the start and end time indicators meant....there was no easy way for a user to start over, after making a mistake, etc...

design process

I started out with a few quick sketches and then moved into creating wireframes and deciding the user flow.

 Early wireframe

Early wireframe

 Low fidelity user-flow

Low fidelity user-flow


I designed the whole experience above the fold of the screen, and organized the steps in an order of 1, 2, 3, keeping in mind how the flow would work on a phone. I hide the rarely used information (video description, public tag, etc) in a dropdown menu, and improved the start and end indicators.


After clipping videos, users could save their clips and then combine them together into a 'Mashup.'

design process

I followed a similar process here as for the 'create hashcut' task. Some rough sketches, lots of wireframes and some userflows before deciding which wireframes to developer further.

 Low fidelity wireframe and user flow

Low fidelity wireframe and user flow


Finally, after a user has created their hashcut or mashup, one of their sharing options is to share by email.