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Responsive Web Site

Responsive website to test business idea.

2 weeks | Client Project | Used as MVP test

Project Overview

The Problem

Cosmetic stores struggle to establish customer loyalty. To address this issue, they can partner with Foret Blanche to provide their customers with loyalty perks and special offers.

The Solution

This website was a minimum viable product or MVP in order to test the customer's reaction and gauge the feasibility of a full iOS app.


The target users were affluent women over 40 concerned about their skincare. Foret Blanche focused on women who shopped socially, had enough time to enjoy the benefits offered by the membership, and who would appreciate the prestige associated with an exclusive membership. 

My Role

For this project I worked with a product manager and a front end engineer who implemented my designs into HTML and CSS.



Process Flow

Before designing the website, it was important to understand the user's behavior before they got to the website. 

The design Process

To design the website I started with sketches and wireframes while thinking about the appropriate interface.

I then moved onto higher fidelity wireframes which I discussed with the product manager, and reiterated based on his feedback.


Visual Design

The visual design was very important to the product manager. He wanted the website and branding to have an upscale feeling that was simple for users who aren't tech-savvy to complete the form.

In order to promote the brand and give it an upscale mood, I pulled typography from the logo, and complimented it with a sans-serif font that would still be easily legible on an iPhone.

Final design of website when viewed on desktop

Final design of website when viewed on mobile



Customers responded well to the responsive website, resulting in a 25% conversion rate.

With the idea validated, it was now time to invest more design and development time into creating a full iOS app