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iOS App

Helping cosmetic store managers in Singapore increase customer's loyalty to their stores.

Project overview

The Problem

Cosmetic stores struggle to establish customer loyalty. To address this issue, cosmetic stores partner with Foret Blanche to provide customers with loyalty perks and special offers.

After validating the idea with the responsive website, it was now time to invest more development and design time into creating an iOS app.


The target users for the iOS app remained the same as for the website--affluent women over 40 concerned about their skincare. 

My Role

I worked with the same product manager and was responsible for the UX design of the product. 



Independent research

I spent time researching other shopping apps and cosmetic apps to see what elements I could use for Foret blanche. Most of what I found was too complicated for the purpose of the Foret Blanche app, and was targeted towards a younger shopping audience.

Process flow-downloading the app

Similar to the website, it was important to understand how the user first accessed the app.

This wasn't an app that anybody could download from the app store. It was designed to be exclusive, and only offered to customers of stores that were partners of Foret Blanche. 

1. A sales rep at a partnering cosmetic store would ask a customer if they were interested in the app.

2. If the customer wanted the app, the rep would then enter in customer information into the database.

3. The customer would be send a download link and verification code.

4. The first time the user logs into the app, their profile is already complete with past purchases, skin type details, recommended purchases, etc. 


The design process

Screen Flow

App simplicity was key; the app needed to feel helpful rather than 'salesy.'

The flow of the app needed to be intuitive with clear navigation for the user group to understand.


the design process

design process

I spent a lot of time sketching my ideas and creating wireframes of each screen, gathering input from the product manager along the way.

Welcome Screen

The Welcome screen was the first screen the user would see after logging into the app. Some requirements for the welcome screen:

1. It was important for the app to feel personalized, with a welcome message waiting for the user when they first logged in.

2. Balance statement showing how much money the customer had in their account to spend.

3. Indication when there was un-purchased goods in the shopping cart.

4. Priority placed on customer service, with a number the customer could call any time.

5. Promotion area that would include exclusive event invitations and product specials. 

6. Clear navigation that let the user shop, view their profile, get support, and return home again.


visual design

I based the visual design on the wireframe that the product manager and I agreed on.

The navigation stayed at the top, with an easy way to get back to the home page (the tree) the navigation drawer to the left, and the phone icon to the right for customer support.

The rest of the screen I used for the welcome message, the balance remaining the user's account, and an area reserved for promotions that wouldn't overwhelm the rest of the screen.