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Ford Hackathon

Enabling commuters to listen to sports and technology news while driving so they can utilize their commute time more productively.


The Problem

Wasted commute time.

Mobile App

The Users

Daily commuters who drive Fords and want to listen to news during their drive.


As the team consisted of myself and two other developers, I was in charge of all the product design as well as implementing those designs into Android XML.

The biggest constraint was time; I had only 6 hours to complete all the design work.

Design Process

The time constraints only provided enough time for hand sketches and putting those designs into Android XMLs. 

We chose to restrict the app to only one screen, so there would be enough time to both design and develop it within the 24 hour time frame. As it was a Ford Hackathon, the app is engineered to only work inside a Ford vehicle.


Interface Design

Finished screenshot of the design


With the time restriction, we focused on the app essentials, and the result was a simple, clean, user experience.